General conditions:

  • Minimal order (in Budapest - Hungary) 4 hours
  • Further 0,5   hour for get off and get in each (if tariffs are based upon fee/hour)
  • In outer areas of Budapest and trips when renting our coaches for  daily basis of counting of fees is obligatorily 250 kilometres/day,  above this the real running performance. In Budapest further 15-15 km-s are added for standby and return.
  • In case of multi-day orders or tours the procurer assures abroad accommodation for coach drivers. All other expenses like motorway fees, parking fees, ferry or tunnel fees; furthermore the daily allowance of coach drivers will be invoiced after finishing the program.  
  • In case of getting several concurrent orders, serial tours, connecting groups or low season trips we give our customers discounts/allowances.
  • There are EC Regulations for LDC Drivers to ensure your safety on the road:
    • Daily (24h) driving time for a driver may not  exceed 9 hours.
    • Driving time can extend to 10 hours only 2 times per week.
    • Daily rest time for driver must have at least 11 consecutive hours.
  • We are not responsible for any clients belongings left on board the coach.
    These are at  the clients own risk.